February 2009 Event

Can Teaching Be a Source of Joy Nowadays? By Thierry Dime Bolla In doing research in preparation for this article, I recently read an article by a substitute teacher who described her new class as « a class of ducks where discipline slides off them like water off a bird’s wing. Individually, these children were charming; […]

Nouvelle Année 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009 from Education Without Borders!


December 2008 Event

Let the Light Be In Our Hearts When December comes, with it come the Holidays and with the Holidays comes the time to light candles and decorate houses and trees. The month of December, as life in general is filled with paradoxes: sadness and joy, loneliness and people you meet again. Some dislike this month […]


October 2008 Event

From training to employment: Interview of Thomas Deburggraeve, consultant by Thierry Dime Bolla At the end of their studies or trainings, young people are often thrilled to start working and be confronted to the reality of life. They think and hope that they will reach the goal they were dreaming about during their studies and […]


September 2008 Event

Back to School September is at the door and the holidays are almost over. It’s time for children and their parents to get ready for a new school year. Stores are full of school equipment such as school bags, pencils, pens and many other gadgets which are very appreciated by small and bigger children and […]


August 2008 Event

Summertime Summer finally…! The favorite time of children and teachers, time to rest and enjoy the “Dolce Vita”. It’s also the opportunity to spend time with the family and for parents to spend time with their children and have fun together. So let’s be selfish for a while and forget wars, terrorism, famine, the dark […]


June 2008 Event

Euro Foot 2008: Time to celebrate in the cities By Thierry Dime Bolla From June 7th to June 28th, the European football championship will make the whole planet vibrate. Switzerland and Austria are the organizing countries of the 23 competition days with 16 participating teams and 31 football matches. Unaccountable events and exhibitions will also […]


May 2008 Event

Learning a foreign language abroad (From Canada, Thierry Dime Bolla) Education Without Borders has done some research about learning a foreign language and more specifically about learning English. Over 700 million people speak English in the world today while it is the native language of only about half of them. English is considered the international […]


April 2008 Event

Are books a vector of knowledge? (By Thierry Dime Bolla) 23 April is a symbolic date for world literature for on this date, Shakespeare died. It was a natural choice for UNESCO’s General Conference, held in Paris in 1995, to pay a world-wide tribute to books and authors on this date, encouraging everyone, and in […]


March 2008 Event

A Glance at Women’s Situation Today (By Thierry Dime Bolla) The International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 and find its origin in women’s demonstrations at the beginning of the XXth century in Europe and in the United States, asking for better working conditions and the right to vote. The day has been officialized […]

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