December 2008 Event

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Noel 2008

Let the Light Be In Our Hearts

When December comes, with it come the Holidays and with the Holidays comes the time to light candles and decorate houses and trees. The month of December, as life in general is filled with paradoxes: sadness and joy, loneliness and people you meet again. Some dislike this month as it brings a New Year and makes you grow one year older; others await December impatiently and can’t wait to see all presents Santa will bring. On one side of the room children are so happy, on the other adults look back at the year past. All the cities are so beautiful with their streets richly decorated and shining with colorful lights.

Christmas is celebrated in different ways all around the world as every country has its own traditions. Originally, Christmas meant celebrating the birth of Christ, but today, the festivities are more and more profane and more family centered, and slowly become disconnected from its religious interpretation. No matter how it is celebrated, the importance is that it keeps bringing in the heart of men the light which is the real magic of Christmas. Enjoy this wonderful period of the year and don’t forget to wait for Santa! Happy Holidays to all.

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