Testimony – October 2008

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I Would Like To Be A Doctor
by Brian Morales

morales My name is Brian, I’m 18 years old, I want to tell my story to everyone who would like to read it. I was born in Mexico, I had really lovely parents who I’m always going to love and a brother, they have taught me the way I see the world around me. All my childhood was so amazing, I was surrounded by a lot of love and dreams, I just thought about playing and having fun. I still think the same, but in different way and to another kind of future for me.

Maybe it was my destiny to have a lot of pain. I think that it was good for me, because now I know how to put a meaning to everything I do. When I was 7 years old, my mother was killed by a man who only wanted money. It was terrible for my family and we slowly became depressed. First I had to learn how to protect myself. I started to spend too much time alone, without friend and only with a few people of my family. For me it is really difficult to make new friends, because I have adaptation’s problems almost all the times, I just cannot feel really comfortable with new people. I’m always afraid of the people hugging me when we meet. It’s one of my biggest fears.

After my mother’s death, I was in shock because someone took my mother away. I have kept trying to make the best of every moment. During my life I have met a lot of best friends, well, not really so many, but enough to know that when I needed someone he or she could be beside me to help me face any problem. I haven’t found the love of my life yet and I’m starting to think that real love doesn’t exist. I have met a lot of lovers during my life, but no one stole my heart.

All my life, the only think that I was sure of is that I wanted to be doctor. It’s really my life, and I live for being a doctor one day. Since I was 15 years old, I have started studying a little bit in the medical field. First I have worked as paramedic, where I was confronted to scary situations, like broken knees and people dying. l have also worked as a volunteer. I am not a rich person, but I think that I have a sense of empathy and like helping all people in need. Maybe I know why I’ve never found the love of my life, it was because I was very busy doing other things, and I didn’t have time to spend with my friends in night clubs and parties. My high school years were the craziest; I was working in a regional hospital, helping poor people who didn’t have anything. I was working in the afternoon and sometimes at night. In the morning I was studying in high school, doing sports after that and on the weekend working as a paramedic in ambulances. So I’ve never had time to go out with my friends. I really love the friends that I have now, because they would not be with me otherwise as I have never been there for the fun.

I’m not waiting to see what life will bring; I’m giving the best to life. For me money doesn’t have a meaning at all, of course it’s important to live, but money it’s not everything and we need to enjoy every moment because life is to short to worry about little things. Enjoy your family, your work, your friends, and your life because we live just once and no one knows when he will have to leave this world. Right now I’m experiencing one of the most important moments in my life, one of the best experience that I’ve ever had, studying in another country with people from different countries. I met people that I’m always going to remember as my friends, real friends. It’s hard for me to believe. I really love my new friends, and right now there’re the most important for me, just to mention a few of them, because I can’t mention all my new family; Lisa(ex-teacher, now my big sister), Andre (I think the best friend that I’ve ever met, (I don’t know if he feels the same way), Lizeth(one of my biggest support), Thierry(one friend really really funny and great), Jean-Baptiste (the craziest friend that I know and who I really appreciate), Tanja, Egnes, Tom, Christopher, and too many more people who became more than simple classmates and teachers, they are my new international family.

Like I said before, enjoy your life and don’t worry about little things like more money, more power, more everything. It is material and some day it can be taken away. This kind of experience makes you open your mind and discover new cultures, new style of life. It can be hard to get adjusted, but at the same time fantastic and marvelous. In life, you might find a lot of people who want to hurt you, but also good friends as it has been the case for me in Vancouver. That’s the beauty of life. Everyone is going to have a lot of troubles and make mistakes, which are going to teach them and will help them gain some maturity. Everything has a place and time. It doesn’t matter where you are from, any one can fall, but the way that you can stand up by yourself is unique. Always think that you can do something, because in the moment you think you can do it, you start believing in it and you will succeed.

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