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Curriculum vitae and motivation letter: your passport for employment
By Henri Saxer

henri_saxer All types of works treating the issue of dossier of the candidate give, without exception, very precious counsels to the concerned public. Nevertheless, experience has shown me that the concerned person having read and re-read the said works, at the time of beginning to compose his motivation letter and his CV, he appears to suffer from the syndrome of tabula rasa (blank page syndrome), a situation which characterizes all writers who lack inspiration.

It is at this very moment that I can intervene with regard to the question of the persons concerned.

First of all, I should be remarked that the essence of motivation letter and CV of he/ she who is presenting himself/herself is that of making the person who will receive it forget all the other dossiers of candidature. It is for this reason that the candidate should:

  • Distinguish himself/herself
  • Put the accent on his/her competences, his/her talents and his/her experiences, in order to prove that his work would be beneficial to the enterprise.
  • Expose his force
  • Furnish facts, make a list of pertinent competences and enumerate the achievements of his recent employments
  • That which should be banished: Negative information
  • A clear presentation, proper and without error, combined with convincing sentences and solid facts, will encourage the reader to consult the attached CV and to contact you for an interview.


    1. To whom are you writing (name of the receiver and his/her function in the enterprise)
    2. What does the employer to whom you are writing need? What aptitudes, knowledge and experiences would constitute useful tools for the work envisaged?
    3. What are your QUALITIES useful to the employer or for a precise post. If you are responding to job offer, these QUALITIES should be the same as those mentioned in the announcement. If you are not presenting yourself for an announced post, then think of your APTITUDES, KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCES, which are susceptible of gaining the interest of the employer
    4. You should be able to make a parallel between your experience and the post. Cite your achievements as a support for the required qualities for the job.

    Motivation letter and Curriculum Vitae well prepared, should give to the potential recruiter the desire to meet you for a work interview.

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