Testimony – April 2008

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An amazing experience
By Vanessa Pombo

vanessa_pombo When I was a kid I dreamed about how life would be in the future, I allways spent my time thinking about it, how life would be when I grew up? Now at my shortly 19 years old, I discover that life can be anything that you want, you just need to believe and make dreams come true no matter what it takes.

This is my life’s resume: I have studied in many places because I have traveled around America; my elementary school was in Aguascalientes, Mexico, my middle school was in Miami, USA and Valencia, Venezuela and I actually finished my high school in Valencia, I made a lot a friends during my short life and I feel so glad about it because now I feel that I can be open to different kind of people, today I am studying in the University in Venezuela, I am in the 4th semester of Administration and Busisnes and I am happy to do it.

At the beggining of last year I have decided to travel to Vancouver, Canada for a short 6 months English course at EF International School, Wooooow those 6 months were the best of the best moments of my life, I made friends from all over the world, I met one of my best friends Rodolfo Rangel, and of course I met a lot of PRETTY GOOD FRIENDS all from different countries, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Japon, China, Venezuela, Korea and others. On the other hand I saw classes with amazing different teachers, During this experience I have collected a lot of friends and my capacity to listen, talk and write English has improved 100%, and the best part was that I could share my new skill with my new friends from all over the world.

Now Im back in Venezuela and I am missing all my new friends and teachers from Vancouver, I am starting again with my normal life, now I am with my family and my friends here but I still have a star in my heart that Vancouver put in me. I always thought about my past and now I have almost all the answers of all the questions that I had one time

The life is so beautiful that sometimes we don’t’ it see it because it is covered with anger, pain, and circustances that make us think in the wrong way, but if one really wants to be a better person and have all the answers that life can give, you should dream and make those dreams come true. I don’t know if this article is what my new friend Thierry wants but I am doing the best I can, and I share with all the people a little bit of my life. I hope that this article will be read by my teachers, friends, Vancouver friends, and family and that all of them will be proud of me.

Well my native country is Venezuela but in the bottom of my heart I feel that I belong to Germany, Switzerland, France, Japon, Korea, China, Mexico and of course Canada. I LOVE EVERYBODY AND THANKS A LOT FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND KINDNESS TO ME !!!!! KISSES….Vanessa.

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