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Regard sur la situation de la femme aujourd’hui

A Glance at Women’s Situation Today
(By Thierry Dime Bolla)

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 and find its origin in women’s demonstrations at the beginning of the XXth century in Europe and in the United States, asking for better working conditions and the right to vote. The day has been officialized by United Nations in 1977, inviting every country of the planet to celebrate a day for the rights of women.

Since those early years, much progress has been made for women in developed and developing countries alike: in many countries, provisions guaranteeing the enjoyment of human rights without discrimination on the basis of sex have been included in constitutions; legal literacy and other measures have been introduced to alert women to their rights and to ensure their access to those rights; the world community has identified violence against women as a clear violation of women’s rights; incorporating gender perspectives into regular programmes and policies has become a priority at the United Nations and in many member states. In spite of the progress, women are today still less paid than men, sub-represented in work areas with responsibility and in charge of most family tasks.

However and beyond these considerations, the International Day of Women is the opportunity to think not only about the situation of women, but also about the society as a whole. March 8 is the day where people can look at the past achievement and at what needs improving. It is the opportunitiy to talk about common problem of men and women and try to find concrete solutions for a world where equality between sexes should become a reality.

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