Street Children

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Les Enfants de la rue

Life is not always easy in the current economical context, especially in developing countries. Because of a lack of job security, more and more children leave their families to live on the street. To survive, “street children » do numerous small jobs, such as street hawker, car washer, shoeshine boy, all in difficult working conditions. They manage with what they earn and are often creative in finding resources. Unfortunately, many of them are easily persuaded to join gangs who use them.

Education without Borders, in cooperation with associations already in place, plans to set up a support project to help some of these children. They would like to create educational spaces for integration which will allow for a personal follow up of children. Children must not only be considered in their needs, but also in their capacities. A particular emphasis on listening will be the base of a reliable link between the child and the educator.

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