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Personal Computer Classes in Yaounde

In our society, computer skills are becoming more and more important. Nowadays most people use computers everyday for work or pleasure. They are a part of our life therefore it is hard for most of us to imagine that in some parts of the world, people do not have access to computers and might not even know how to use one.

The goal for the “Computer classes in Yaounde” project was to reach people who did not have access to a computer or who simply could not afford one by creating computer classes that would teach basic computer skills.

In order to do this, unused computers were collected, as well as printers, among relatives and friends and were sent to Cameroon. Shipment of the material was sponsored by an organization affiliated with the department of international security.

Once all the equipment arrived in Cameroon, our local representative found a location to set up the computers and printers where we would start the computer classes. The opening day for the computer class was in September 2005.

We now provide three-month computer classes. During those three months, students have a short introduction to basic computer skills and learn how to use Windows, Word and Excel.The computer classes are provided free of charge for the majority of the students, and are offered for a small fee for other students who have the means to pay.

In the future we hope to open new computer classes that would teach PC hardware maintenance and PC installation.

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