Testimony – February 2008

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A Key To Self Awareness
by Jean-Baptiste Rebière

rebiere After a little while school will bore me…
After a little while I won’t know what I will do with my life…
After a little while I will ask myself questions…
After a little while I will feel separated from everything…

These phrases resonated in my mind for years. In school, I always sat at the back of the class, seldom or never where I could listen to the teachers and the professors. In contrast, I was always the first to daydream and think of all the things I could be doing besides being in the “sacred” lesson which didn’t interest me and from which I wasn’t motivated.

Things were a little tense with my family, especially since my parents got divorced and that didn’t help me find solutions in life. Many years passed and I became more and more isolated. I strayed from my friends and the path of life that appeared to me to be a mandatory unattractive phase of childhood.

During adolescence, my buddies and I discovered parties where we generally had fun by drinking too much. I remember these times, but we weren’t very smart at that age. This part of my life was especially long for me; from 11 years old to 17, I existed in the haziest cloud there could possibly be.

At age 17, I had to start working during vacation to fund my “party habit.” I discovered that without either experience or a diploma, I would only be able to work in low-paying jobs. What a life!!! My youthful enthusiasm waned and a change occurred. At that moment I remember thinking, “That would never be me.”

At school I had always had problems therefore I didn’t possess the basic educational foundation and had to try one more time. However it was the contrast between my youthfulness and the low-paying jobs that made me try to straighten up my life. I started taking short courses through an alternative education system, so as to not repeat all those years of study that had always bored me.

Starting with this moment, a surprising thing happened; I had the opportunity to work for a large company. At the same time I discovered that all the classes I hadn’t paid attention to left a large blank and the biggest thing I realized was that school could teach us to organize ourselves and help us evolve.

I began to study and become interested in subjects which helped me finally understand the importance of education as well as how it could help me with everyday life. With this goal, I obtained my high school diploma and started a degree in Commerce, again in the same alternative education system.

The company I took for my degree, encouraged me to CDI and there I spent three great years. Right now I’m taking a short four-month break from life to learn English. I chose to spend my savings on a school in Vancouver to learn the language, which I so love.

Life is full of surprises and, for me, it was inconceivable to recover the education I missed or even obtain a degree. Nevertheless, that is what has happened and I’m very happy because now life is much better than when I was younger. Education, in my opinion, is the key to open certain doors that we need even if we can’t see them.

Now, school interests me because I finally have a goal in life.
Now, I know what I can do if I give 100% to succeed.
Now, I ask myself questions, but they are more constructive.
Now, I feel a part of something and I love life.

(Translated from French)

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