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Henri Saxer

Resume of a Job Application and the Syndrome of the Blank Page
(By Thierry Dime Bolla)

At the end of their studies or their apprenticeship, more and more young people realize that their diplomas or their formation alone are not enough for finding an employment but that they need to invest something more to succeed. A resume or a motivation letter are a way to give a first “portrait” of yourself and what you are capable to offer to a company. However, writing a resume or a motivation letter is not something easy to do. This is the reason why more and more people are asking the help of a professional. Education Without Limits wanted to know a little more about it and met one of these professional: Mr Henri Saxer, who is Mr unemployment in the municipality of Meyrin – Switzerland.

Why is it necessary today to have a good resume and an interesting motivation letter?

Whether spontaneous or not, a job application must contain a resume and a motivation letter. A motivation letter as well as a resume should always be done according to a detailed plan; This is the key of success. The summary must reflect what is requested in the advertisement or the specificity of the position or the work that is proposed in the company. You have to confirm that there is a concordance between your competencies and the ones required for the job and that it is exactly what you would like to do according to your personality and your ambitions.
One page might sometimes be sufficient while a very specific motivation letter will be a must in other cases. Standard motivation letters must be banished. Always personalized a letter when sent to a specific company

What can you tell us about a resume or a motivation letter? What is read in the first place by the recruiting person?

The experience has shown that there are two specific aspects in the way to present your application according to whom it is dedicated.

  1. If you are contacting an employment agency, we must say that the Resume is of prime importance.
  2. If you are answering to an advertisement seen in a news paper or else, the motivation letter will be more important

HR’s responsible of a company will always read the motivation letter first. He/she will not dedicate more than 15 seconds to the reading, in other words, the motivation letter has to be very interesting at first sight

For more information, please visit Henri Saxer’s website on or send him an e-mail :

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