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Vacation Time
(By Thierry Dime Bolla)


Finally, it’s vacation time! July is the beginning of the summer vacation for most of the students. It’s time to forget about the long 9 months of studies and enjoy new adventures whether with families, friends or alone. During the summer, there are lots of activities that we can do, like sports, camping, travels, excursions, gardening, reading and evenings between friends.

In case you nevertheless still have no idea on what to do of your days off, don’t panic, because there is a great amount of activities you can do. It will depend of course on your preferences and even a tight budget can offer pleasant vacation. No need to travel to the other end of the world to enjoy your vacation, as there is a large range of activities proposed everywhere in the summertime. One only needs to select what she or he likes and the budget which can be allocated for it.
So, whether at the other end of the world or simply at home, enjoy your vacation.

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